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The purpose of the School Safety Institute is to provide effective yet affordable on-demand training courses for teachers and school staff to not only meet mandatory training requirements, but also to help identify and reduce risks that can cause injury to educators, staff, and students.

Risks can never be totally eliminated, but they can be reduced through knowledge and understanding, and controlled through risk management programs!

The courses produced and delivered by the School Safety Institute are authored by subject matter experts, designed by professional instructional designers, and developed and delivered by the information technology professionals at vStars US Incorporated.

The courses offered on the School Safety Institute portal can be taken anytime on any device including most mobile devices.  Upon successful completion of a course, the student will have immediate access to a downloadable certificate to present to a training officer. Furthermore, a record of the training is maintained on the School Safety Institute portal.

We are constantly adding courses to our catalog.  If you or your organization has a specific training need in a topic not currently in our catalog, please contact us to discuss possible solutions.