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The School Safety Institute is fortunate to have well-qualified individuals who serve as advisers as well as subject matter experts for our courses.

Bruce-Alan Barnard, J.D., LL.M.

Mr. Barnard is a former federal labor lawyer who represented the United States government in numerous cases in front of the EEOC and in United States District Court as well as worker’s compensation and workplace tort liability cases.  He has provided legal advice on human resource issues and as been an adjunct professor at numerous universities teaching graduate courses in labor and employment law.

Glenn S. Lipson, Ph.D.

Dr. Lipson is a nationally-renown forensic psychologist and professor who specializes in the factors and considerations regarding the formation of relationships. He has lectured and served as an expert witness in cases involving inappropriate relationships across the country.

Poppi Ritacco, J.D.

Ms. Ritacco is a former federal attorney, prosecutor, and educator who has taught sexual harassment, employee tort liability, and workplace ethics to state and federal employees.

Lauren Ashley Barnard, B.S., M.Ed

Ms. Barnard is an K-12 educator who provides instructional design advice on project development and is the Chief Editor of School Safety Institute content.